Worship Street

March 16, 2012
March 16, 2012 helix3dltd

A Church, tree house, a cinema, derelict building, bunker, rainforest, waterfalls, cave, subterranean bar and even a military dormitory can all be found within one office space created for a private client!


The concept for the offices was to design a space that inspired creativity, created a feeling of awe when guests visited the offices and reflect the clients slogan of being “the biggest party on earth”.

Brian Dowling MD of Helix commented:

Our client had limitless vision and had no creative boundaries making this one of my favorite ever projects to date. The details requested were exceptional and we even produced branded bibles for the church, which when opened simply contained the words blah blah blah blah on every single page.  It was in fact reflecting back on this project which made us want to give other companies the opportunity to create their own dream space.





Inspired by this project companies and individuals are now invited by Helix 3D to pitch an idea for a creative workspace of their dreams; a meeting room, brainstorming area, a pod or simply a kick arse desk. Entry is easy: simply ‘like’ the Helix 3D Facebook page (http://tinyurl.com/helix3dfacebook) and email a picture of the design to creative@helix3d.co.uk before 31st May 2013.

See more of the Faceparty interior here, and the full Face Party case study here.


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