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July 15, 2013
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July 15, 2013 helix3dltd

Today we are celebrating the work of long term collaborator Emma Thomas aka Miss Cakehead!


As a freelance creative director and the managing director of Cakehead Loves Miss Cakehead is best known for her ‘edgy’ PR campaigns, the ones that push the boundries and go places other agencies are scared of.


A perfect example of this is the Human Butchery ‘shop’ she produced for Capcom to launch the latest Resident Evil installment in 2012. Warning the shop was for 18+ so some of these images are rather graphic! The amazing edible limbs were the work of food artist Sharon Baker.






2013 has been a very successful year for Miss Cakehead. Here are a few examples of recent works.


193 Course Meal

Working with Wild Card PR for the food brand Unearthed they undertook that massive task of creating a 193 course meal sampling foods from all over the world.



The feast was spread over a mammoth 24hr period and was hosted by Janetira Thai Resturant. The event was a massive success getting write ups in Stylist, People, Express, Thrillist and many more.




Depressed Cake Shop

Apart from the weird and wonderful perhaps what Miss Cakehead is most infamous for (and the name gives it away) is the amazing projects she has done with cake!

Over the last year this has included ‘Tasting House’ with rooms and rooms of edible entities, Heathrow Express Train Cake and Eat Your Heart Out with us at Helix3d.


Once again Cakehead Loves is organising the charity event ‘Depressed Cake Shop’. The project aims to raise awareness to mental health issues as well as raising funds for mental health charities.


All of the cakes are grey on the outside with a colour reveal in the middle. Have a look for the ‘Depressed Shop’ Facebook page for more info.



So what next for Miss Cakehead?

Well she has just been able to reveal a brand new project for Thorpe Park, Cloudy With a Chance of Ice Scream.

An idea steaming from the unpredictability of the British weather Thorpe Park in collaboration with ice cream scientists from Creighton’s and snow specialists Snowbusiness, will be making it snow delicious strawberry and vanilla ice cream!


Situated next to the awesome Stealth roller coaster guests will know when the snow will fall once they hear the familiar ice cream van jingle.

Ice Scream weekend will be 26 and 27 of July 2013.


For more details on the work of Miss Cakehead and Cakehead loves please visit their blog:


And keep checking back to see what amazing things we are working on together!

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