July 9, 2013
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TICO – Theatre, Inspiration, Creativity and Openness in Design Make for a Technicoloured Dream Wall installation.

Creative production experts Helix 3D have designed a sample finish wall – and integrated remote controlled TV cabinet – which truly is a work of art.

Press release

London based creative production company Helix 3D Ltd have yet again broken creative boundaries with the installation of their ‘TICO’ workspace, an in-house project inspired by their own creative workspace competition which will see the lucky winner having a £10,000 creative space brought to life.


The TICO wall took over 2000 hours to create, made up of a total of 600 pieces, all of which were painstakingly hand crafted. Showcasing their specialist mirror gloss spray finishes, this represents just a small amount of samples that Helix is able to create for their clients. Helix calculates that a wall showcasing ALL the available finishes, in the same style, as TICO would be at least 500 feet wide.


There are several functions to the beautiful surfaces of TICO; the main wall is sprayed with specialist paint and polished to a mirror finish making it irresistible to the touch. The geometry of the main wall is designed to draw the viewer’s eye to the central focal point, achieved by tapering and stepping the laser cut components. The colours used were chosen to inspire, relax and engage, perfect for collaborative meetings at the Old Turbine Factory where Helix are based. The dynamic design also has a theatrical surprise and opens – using a remote control – to reveal a hidden screen, essential for presentations as well as making it the perfect boys toy.


The T.I.C.O. installation is accompanied by a round table to inspire collaboration and engender equality, the central column houses technical equipment but is clad with a spiraling design, reflecting the company name and ethos. The table is copper plated which adds warmth and a rich reflective glow.


The Helix team spends their working lives creating, designing and producing all manner of majestic projects for their clients; the creation of T.I.C.O. was based on a desire to have some Helix ‘me’ time. The project provided an inspirational and golden opportunity for the Helix team – made up of over 25 experts – to indulge their own design desires with every aspect of the installation driven by both function and aesthetics.


Managing Director Brian Dowling comments:

“For us, aesthetics and function are inseparably entwined just like a double Helix. We based the spiraling design on a mathematical formula used to describe our own company name creating a beautiful Helix, complex and intelligent, yet balanced”


Caitlin Carroll project manager for the in-house project comments on the table adding:

“The Copper plating on the table is typically multi purpose, being naturally antibacterial, tactile and warmly reflective. The copper plated sawn timber surface appears to have been cast, it’s silky to the touch and is an unusual thing of beauty.”

For more information on TICO please contact:

Caitlin – Caitlin@helix3d.co.uk

Emma – emma@misscakehead.com

You can see case studies of past Helix projects at www.helix3d.co.uk

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