The Fastest Living Room takes on central London at top speed.

March 25, 2014
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March 25, 2014 helix3dltd
A quick check on their speed as they pass Big Ben

A quick check on their speed as they pass Big Ben

We recently teamed up with Golin Harris and Virgin Media to bring their new superfast broadband to the streets of London with a roar. They wanted to demonstrate just how fast they can go, so we designed and built a drivable living room to show off their broadband at top speed. Keep your eyes and ears open and you might just see it as it tours the country. If you ask really nicely they might be persuaded to pull up and offer you a seat on their comfy sofa to try their hyper speed service out for yourself.

As if that wasn’t enough, to celebrate hitting 152Mb speed, they enlisted the help of Gold Medal winner Rebecca Adlington to try it out on the south bank.

They pulled up and plugged in, got the kettle on and made the Olympic star a cup of tea while she browsed the internet with spectacular views across the Thames.

At Helix we love a challenge and creating a road worthy car which was also a living room, complete with sofa, working tv and lamp, coffee table and dog was certainly one that had us scrathing our heads. Nothing phases us for long however and so we invented carmouflage, the combination of a fully working car and a top notch disguise!

Top speed, driven by a dog!

Top speed, driven by a dog!

Having toured central London, turning heads all the way the crew got a little peckish on the way home…….

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